Samthang khua Zikhlum chingtute chu Nilaini khan Horticulture dept hotuten an tlawh.
Zikhlum chingtute hi Lalremliana, DHO Khawzaw! leh Vanlalvuana Rokhum, SDHO Champhai te chuan tlawhin, Samthang khua zikhlum chinna hmun an fang kual à, Zikhlum chi an sem nghal bawk. Samthang khuaah hian Zikhlum ching hi
chhungkua 60 chuang an awm mek a, kumin hian Kg khat Cheng 20 in Motor kal theihna chinah an hralh thin a ni. Lalremliana, DHO chuan Zikhlum hi kumtluana hralhchhuah a nih theih nan a indawta a chi hi kui tiak zel a,

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