MZP Headquarters Champhai leh Govt. Champhai College SU hruaitute chuan Champhai-a Mizoram Teacher Eligibility Test (Mizoram TET) Exam Center dah ngheh a nih theih nan leh, Govt. Champhai College a zirtirtu indaih lo hnawhkhah a nih theih nan Dr. R.Lalthangliana, H&TE Minister leh Lalchhandama Ralte, School Education Minister an hmu.
Vanduaithlâk takin kuminah, Govt. Champhai College-a Chemistry Department zirtirtu pahnih an boral a, an hmun ruak tun thlengin hnawhkhah a ni lo va.
Zirna kalpui a ngaih tawh avangin, a rang thei ang bera hnawhkhat turin MZP Champhai Hqrs leh Govt. Champhai College SU te chuan H&TE Department hotute leh a changtu Minister, Dr. R.Lalthangliana hnenah an ngen a. Minister chuan, a rang thei ang bera hnawhkhah thuai a nih theih nan hmalak a tum thu a lo hrilh a.
Mizoram TET exam center chu Champhai-a dah ngheh a nih theih nan School Education Minister Lalchhandama Ralte an hmu nghal a. Minister chuan, MBSE hotute nen inbe rawnin, Champhai-a dah turin order an siam nghal tur thu a lo hrilh bawk.

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