Tuipuiral Zirlai Pawl chuan, Internet Connection tha lo chungchanga hmalaksak turin Higher & Technical Education Minister an ngen.
Tuipuiral Zirlai Pawl chuan Higher & Technical Education Minister lehkhathawnin Mizoram University hnuaia College zirlaite’n
exam an beih mekah East Tuipui A/C huam chhunga zirlaite’n Internet Connection that tawk loh avangin harsatna lian tak an tawk
thin tih an thlen a. An bial chu hmun kilkhawr leh khawpui hlata awm an nih avangin hmalak a harsat thu thlen bawkin an harsatna hriatsak a, zirlai te tluanga taka an exam theihna tura hmalak sak turin Higher & Technical Education Minister hnenah hian an thlen a ni. Tuipuiral huam chhunga khaw 25 atangin zirlaite hian inlam atangin online in an exam a ni.

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