Zirlaite Award pe

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Govt. Champhai College chuan an College atanga Graduate tharte zinga University Top 10-a tlingte
hnenah Incentive Cash Award, Rs.10,000 khat theuh an pe.
Govt. Champhai College chuan nikum atanga an lo kalpui tawh angin – kumina an College atanga Graduate thar zinga University Top 10-a tlingte hnenah, Incentive Cash Award, Cheng Sing khat, thawktute thawhkhawm atangin an pe leh a. Nimin khan Govt. Champhai College Principal chuan, kumina an College atanga University Top 10-a tling -Chhuanthanga, Physics, 4-na; Laltlansangi, BCA, 5-na; Lalthazuali, English, 7-na leh Lalrintluangi, Education, 10-na te hnenah Incentive Cash Award hi a
hlan a ni.
Kum dangah chuan Incentive Cash Award hi Graduation Day-ah pek thin an ni a. Kuminah chuan hripui leng avanga Official Function mumal tak buatsaih ngam a nih loh avangin, College Office atanga pek an ni a. Govt. Champhai College chuan Incentive Cash Award hi kum dangah pawh kalpui zui zel an tum niin thu dawn a ni.

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