Zokhawthara African Swine Fever leng chuan ziaawm lam pan deuh mah se, ni 2 chhungin Vawk 12 a thih belh leh.
Dr. Lalrinhlui, Veterinary Officer sawi danin, niminpiah khan Zokhawtharah African Swine Fever vangin vawk 4 a thih belh leh a, nimin lamah Vawk 10 a thih belh leh bawk. AH&Vety Dept chhinchhiah danin African Swine Fever vanga Zokhawthara Vawk thi hi 207 a tling tawh a ni. Zokhawtharah hian May ni 9 atangin African Swine Fever a leng tih hriat tan a ni a, hei vang hian Vawk hri lenna hmunah puan a niin Sawrkar phalna tello chuan tlawhpawh phal loh a la ni reng.

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