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Nimin khan YMA Sub Hqrs Champhai chuan, Zokhawthar khaw chhunga raltlan awmte tan tanpui nan Zokhawthar Branch YMA hnenah Rs. 50,000 an hlan.
YMA Sub Hqrs hruaitute hi an President F.Lalrinmuana hovin an fehchhuak a. Zokhawthar raltlante hi Relief camp atana Zokhawthar khawtlangin an ruahman ZEMS school building leh Higher Secondary building hluia raltlan dahkhawmte a
hmunah an harsatna mit ngeiin an hmuhpui a. Tunah hian Zokhawtharah hian raltlan 800 bawr vel an awm mek a, an zinga raltlan 90 zet chu Relief Camp-ah an awm niin thu dawn a ni.

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