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Inrinni khan Champhai District Bawrhsap Maria CT Zuali leh Obed Lalmalsawma, SDC te chuan Samthang Zopui Phul cheibawl mek an tlawh.
Champhai District Bawrhsap Maria CT Zuali chuan Zopui phawl cheibawlna turin NEC atanga sum dawn beisei Cheng Nuai 240 chu dawn fel tawh a ni tih a sawi a. A hmaa Rs. Nuai 149 dawn tawh nen Samthang Zopui phul cheibawlna tur hian Rs Nuai 389 hmuh a ni tawh a. Khualzin te’n awlsam leh nuamsa zawka an tlawh theihna turin cheibawl mek niin Inthiarna u changkang, Cafetaria leh Dawr turte sak mek a ni. Zopui phul kianga Zopui phul aia zau zawk, phul hmun awm chu cheibawl zui a ni dawn tih DC hian a sawi bawk

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