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Samthang Zopui phul Management Committee chuan Zopui phul chu management Committee kuta awm a nih thu an sawi.
Samthang Zopui phul Management Comtt chuan thuchhuah siamin, Samthang Zopui Phul chu, Tourism hlawhtlinna tur atan mipui kutkawih ngei a nih a ngai a, hei vang hian tender lova Communitybased-a thawh tura dil a nih thusawiin, Covid 19-in ei leh bar a tih harsat avanga mipui inhlawhna tura dil a nih thu an sawi bawk.
Samthang Zopui phul Management Committee chuan Zopui Phul hi thawh zawh thawkhat tawh a nih avangin kumin February ni 25 khan Maria CT.Zuali chuan a hawng tawh tih an sawi a. Asets-te chu Zopui Phul Management kuta hlan vek a nih thu sawiin, Maria CT.Zuali hna a ni lo va, he project hnuaia hna chi hrang hrang te min enpuiin ruahmanna min siampui mai zawk a. Sum hmanna zawng zawng hi enfiah theih vek a ni, an ti.

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