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Hming : C. Zaliani
Kum : 82
Thih chhan : Stroke
Thih ni : 1/2/2021 Dar 5:00 AM
Vui hun 1/2/2021 Dar 1:00 PM
Veng : Champhai Vengthlang
A pa : Daruara (fam)
A nu : Thangsavungi (fam)
A unau te :-
1. Dochhingi, Venglai
2. C. Rosiama, Vengthlang
3. C. Lalchhandami, Vengthlang
4. C. Ramthianghlima, Vengthlang
5. C. Ramengmawii, Vengthlang North
A fanu :
Lalrohlupuii w/o F. Lalzarliana, Vengthlang

Covid 19 vanga Sawrkar SOP dan dinglai zawm ngei tur a ni.

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