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Hming : Zothankhuma (Valzotea)
Kum : 54
Khua/Veng : Champhai Venglai
Thih chhan : Chuap Cancer
Thih ni : 09.02.2021 Dar 8:30 a.m.
Vui hun : 10.02.2021 Dar 10:30 a.m.
A nupui : Lalmalsawmi (fam)
A nu : Lalramthangi
A unau : Hmangaihzuali {Tetei} (fam)
A pu : Dr Lalthanglawta, Venglai
A fate :
1.Noel Lalhruaitluangi
2. Lalhruaizeli
3. Lalrammawii

A ruang a Pu Dr Lalthanglawta in ah nghah a ni ang

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